“The Carol Effect”, the talk was given by Antu Sorainen at Tampere University

Antu Sorainen gave a Corekin talk on “The Carol Effect” in Intergenerational Encounters workshop, at the University of Tampere, 6.-7.October.

The title of the talk refers to Patricia Highsmith’s novel from 1952, “The Price of Salt”, which was the inspiration for the 2015 movie “Carol” by Todd Haynes. Sorainen focused in her talk on the legacy of age gap as a decisive difference in lesbian relationships. The talk was based on the findings of the recent multinational survey on queer wills and inheritance, which she conducted during the winter 2015-2016 with assistance of the CoreKin Coordinator Anna Heinonen and support from the Queer Wills collaborators.

In the survey, 5,24% of those respondents who identify as lesbians said that they are in relationships where the age gap is bigger than 15 years. Sorainen raised a question about the definition of ”generation” in lesbian culture. She pointed out that age gap might work as one desired difference in the lesbian imagination, as gender or sex does not provide the difference. Therefore, in lesbian “kinship”, difference and similitude might get actualized in quite another place than expected.