Seminar on Risks and Protection in Field Work related to Gender and Sexualities was organised by CoreKin team

“Risks and Protection in Field Work related to Gender and Sexualities” Workshop took place in the University of Helsinki at the 2nd of December. The Corekin Team members were discussing the obstacles, methodological and ethical problems they are facing in their fields.


Dr. Thomas Strong from the Maynooth University (Ireland), our invited guest expert, told us about his amazing experiences from his fieldwork in the Papua New Guinea, focusing on the changing forms of gender, personhood, and exchange in the context of modernity.


Such issues as the importance of keeping interviewees safe, the safety of the researcher her/himself while working in the field, and how to protect data from the not friendly people, for example, homophobes, were discussed. In the workshop, also a number of other crucial questions on risks and protection in the field, in particular when studying marginalized sexualities and gender issues were raised. Therefore, the CoreKin Team decided to organize a second seminar on the issue – the exact date and invited experts will be scheduled in Fall 2017.


Later, in the same day, the CoreKin Team opened the floor for the second, open-for-public part of the seminar. About 25 scholars from the faculty were listening to the Human Resources Specialist at the University of Helsinki, Kirsi Korhonen. She explained what kind of protection is offered by the University of Helsinki concerning the issue of possible crises or risks and safety of its researchers and their data during fieldwork.


We are deeply grateful for all the participants and presentators of these two seminars, as well as for our invited expert Dr. Strong and the guest speaker Dr. Korhonen who shared their knowledge with the workshop and the open seminar participants, and made both the events very useful and important for everybody present!


Thank You!