New article about non-normative families and kinship in Russia from our CoreKin team

CoreKin project year started by a new publication: “Strategies of non-normative families, parenting and reproduction in neo-traditional Russia” in the British Journal of Families, Relationships, and Societies.


Antu Sorainen, Anna Avdeeva and Alisa Zhabenko from the CoreKin team joined forces with a prominent scholar Olga Isupova from the Moscow High School of Economics. In the roundtable, they discuss how non-conventional sexualities, family formations, parenting practices and reproductive choices and strategies get localised in contemporary Russian society, which recently shifted to neo-traditionalism. The article shows how, despite the Russian state’s orientation towards a neo-conservative ideology and promotion of the ‘traditional’ family, Russian families and parents keep challenging the official norms in many various ways.