Queering Kinship and Intimate Relations in Theory and Practice MA Course

Corekin is happy to introduce a new intensive course on “Queering Kinship and Intimate Relations in Theory and Practice” on January 22 – February 2, 2018.


Corekin Team members Anna Avdeeva, Anna Heinonen, Antu Sorainen and Alisa Zhabenko with our close collaborator Dr Anna-Maria Tapaninen will give research-based talks and workshops on the timely topics around the theory and methodology on Queering Kinship and Families at the University of Helsinki Gender Studies.


Enrolment period for the course started on Tuesday 12 December 2017, therefore those who are willing to participate have to hurry since we could accept only a limited number of Master Students!


Finnish Master and PhD students from other universities whose work is primarily dealing with topics discussed during the course could write to the course organisers to inquire about their eligibility to participate in the course.


The course description and reading materials you could find at this LINK 

Course Organisers and Contact Persons: Anna Avdeeva (anna.avdeeva@helsinki.fi) & Alisa Zhabenko (alisa.zhabenko@helsinki.fi)


Alisa Zhabenko