Dr Anna Moring: “(Re)Defining Legal Kinship, Relatedness and Closeness”

Dr Anna Moring, one of the two postdoc members of the CoreKin research project team has joined the project full-time from 01.06.2018.

She is going to work on “(Re)Defining Legal Kinship Relatedness and Closeness in the Law on Custody and Visitation in Finland” for the Special Issue that the Corekin team is currently working on.


Anna says: “I’m delighted and excited to be able to work the summer months as a full-time researcher. I will be working on an article draft on the changes in the Finnish Act on Child Custody and Right of Access, utilising the experience I have from following the legislative process from a close-up political perspective. These months will give me a welcome chance to concentrate on research, writing and thorough thinking.”


We wish her a very productive and nice summer with studying and re-imagining margins of kinship!