“Queer/ing Kinship” – CoreKin/SKY PhD Course December 2018, in pictures

Since the Seasonal holidays, New Year starting, we would like to jump into the first car and present you how productive, educational and fun was the international CoreKin Master Class “Queer/ing Kinship” that was organised together with the SKY Doctoral Program, and took place at the Helsinki University Gender Studies 3.-4.12. 2018.

We had 12 excellent PhD students participating the course, from different universities in Finland and UK.

Also, we had an amazing team of three prominent teachers from Finland, Norway and Ireland that were leading students through the course: DR. Elisabeth Engebretsen from the University of Stavanger, Dr. Thomas Strong from the University of Maynooth, and Dr. Antu Sorainen from the University of Helsinki.

We would like to thank these pioneering top-notch scholars who honoured the CoreKin research project by visiting us and giving the Master Class!

We are very happy that the intellectual year of 2018 for CoreKin project was completed with such a highly important and topical course!

Here, we will share some photos of the two very intensive but rewarding days of the Master Class, filled with discussions on kinship in margins and margins of kinship as well as on queer/ing families, kinship theories, law, whiteness, education, togetherness, relationships, marriage and everyday life, spiritual, historical and political spheres of kinship in different contexts, and across divergent contexts.

CoreKin is heading for another busy year in 2019, which starts by a MA course in English on t Queer Kinship.

We are also organising public events on 4 February 2019 and 26-27 March 2019, and a conference panel on 24-26 October 2019 in Helsinki, with leading international and national scholars – more info will follow soon, follow this space!

Wish you all had nice and relaxing holidays, and see you soon!


With our best wishes, The Corekin Team 


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