CoreKin attended the Marriage, Sexuality and Family Workshop with Janet Carsten’s Team at the KinLab of the Aegean University, 23-24 May 2019, Mytilene, Greece

Check here the workshop program and some nice pictures!

The Corekin Project Team Director Antu Sorainen and junior member Alisa Zhabenko presented their research in the KinLab workshop “Shifting Kinship Relations: Workshop on Marriage, Sexuality and Family”, at the Aegean University, on 23-24 May 2019.

The brilliant hosts of the event, Prof. Venetia Kantsa (Director of the KinLab at the Aegean University), and Dr. Aspa Chalkidou (currently a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Warwick) provided space for important discussion on kinship, marriage, relationships and state. 

Prof. Janet Carsten, who is leading the ERC advanced research project “A Global Anthropology of Transforming Marriage – AGATM” at the University of Edinburgh, with her team members Dr. Chiu Hsiao-Chiao, Dr. Koreen Reece and Dr. Eirini Papadaki presented their research together with CoreKin members, resulting in a two days intellectual debate on empirical and ethnographic approach to the burning issues of migration, intimacy, family, relationships, sexuality, gender, rituals and temporalities.

Antu Sorainen presented a paper on “Public care as kinship betrayal: proto-queer life histories from the 1960-1980s children’s homes in Finland”, based on the draft of an edited collection article (in-progress). 

Alisa Zhabenko presented a paper on “Grandmothering and care relations in
Russian lesbian families”, based on the draft of a journal article (in-progress).

Both CoreKin Project members were excited to exchange their expertise with the KinLab researchers and with the members Prof. Janet Carsten‘s research project on recent challenges and contingencies in kinship and margins, and share ideas on research approaches in terms of how to contrast and re-imagine contemporary issues of kinship.

The program of the KinLab event you could find here LINK1 and here LINK2

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