About Project

CoreKin Team/ Photo by Mika Federley

Contrasting and Re-Imagining Margins of Kinship –  is a powerhouse of researchers involved in the creation of new ideas about relationships, kinship, family, sexualities etc. in a number of contexts.

CoreKin deals with issues that seeks to transform the ways we think about kinship.

The project looks to provide a substantive contribution to the theories of kinship and sexuality as they interact with studies of social relatedness, family and care ininvestigating how kinship norms shape non-conventional care relations. We reroute practices, such as marginalized parenting, through the histories of sexualities, gender, legislation and politics, paying close attention to understanding how intimacy works.

We do this by contrasting the intimate economics of kinship through fieldwork in three diverse social realities: autocratic Russia (lesbian and natural parenting), post-socialist Cuba (single-parenting) and after-equality Finland (Rainbow Families and queer care relations).

We aim to clarify how invisible, illegitimate and other marginalised care relations are affected by state policies and economic currencies but also how they also resist and redescribe norms and state powers.

By combining original qualitative and quantitative data brought to the project by our expert researchers, we reimagine answers to the question of “what kinship is all about”.