23.01.18 Public talk “Sexual Wordlings: MSM Orientations” by Dr Paul Boyce at Helsinki University


CoreKin warmly welcomes you to a public talk “Sexual Worldings: ‘MSM’ Orientations ” by Dr Paul Boyce.

Abstract: This talk considers ways in which public health rubrics employed for the designation of evidentiary sexual subjects in HIV prevention research and programming may comprise an affective component of sexual worldings. One example is the use of the rubric ‘MSM’ in health promotion and as taken up popularly beyond such contexts. This can be seen to occur when people employ the phrase “ I am MSM” as a seeming term of identity. In the analysis I propose, ‘MSM’ is considered as a means via which social actors may defer a sense of stigmatized sexual selfhood or subjectivity into impersonal, object and abstracted health promotion categories. I perceive such actions as indicative of ways in which (queer) life-worlds may be typified by concealment even at the point at which they might be bound up in knowledge making activities. Taking life-contexts in and around HIV preventioncommunity-projects in India as an example, the chapter considers how terms such as ‘MSM’ (and other public health designations) might ‘think’ their subjects – as categories in varied orientations toward sexualities. This opens up wider questions about the ontologies of queer worldings and ethnographic evidence.


22.01. – 2.02 2018 Queering Kinship and Intimate Relations in Theory and Practice MA Course

Corekin is happy to introduce a new intensive course on “Queering Kinship and Intimate Relations in Theory and Practice” on January 22 – February 2, 2018.

Corekin Team members Anna Avdeeva, Anna Heinonen, Antu Sorainen and Alisa Zhabenko with our close collaborator Dr Anna-Maria Tapaninen will give research-based talks and workshops on the timely topics around the theory and methodology on Queering Kinship and Families at the University of Helsinki Gender Studies.

Enrolment period for the course started on Tuesday 12 December 2017, therefore those who are willing to participate have to hurry since we could accept only a limited number of Master Students!

Finnish Master and PhD students from other universities whose work is primarily dealing with topics discussed during the course could write to the course organisers to inquire about their eligibility to participate in the course.

The course description and reading materials you could find at this LINK



30.05.17 J. Jack Halberstam visiting the Corekin Project

Professor J. Jack Halberstam from the Columbia University visited our CoreKin workshop and gave a public talk at the end of May 2017 at the Helsinki University. The CoreKin Team was mostly delighted to host these events, partly organised together with the SKY Doctoral Programme in Gender, Culture and Society.

“Trans*: A Quick and Quirky Account of Gender Variance” was the titled of Professor Halberstam’s lecture, based on a chapter from a forthcoming book. The event was open for public and attracted a full room of more than 70 people from all generations of academics and also many young people outside of the academy. What an interesting intellectual get-together, thus! The one hour talk created a base for an intense and lively discussion around the contemporary issues around trans*kin and trans politics.

We are extremely grateful for Professor J. Jack Halberstam for accepting our invitation from the CreKin Team and the Gender Studies unit in Helsinki University and to share the unique expertise on queer kinship and trans* issues with us!


2.12.2016          Seminar “Risks and Protection in Field Work related to Gender and Sexualities” 

Workshop took place in the University of Helsinki at the 2nd of DecemberThe Corekin Team members were discussing the obstacles, methodological and ethical problems they are facing in their fields.

Dr. Thomas Strong from the Maynooth University (Ireland), our invited guest expert, told us about his amazing experiences from his fieldwork in the Papua New Guinea, focusing on the changing forms of gender, personhood, and exchange in the context of modernity.

Later, in the same day, the CoreKin Team opened the floor for the second, open-for-public part of the seminar. About 25 scholars from the faculty were listening to the Director of Human Resources at the University of Helsinki, Kirsi Korhonen. She explained what kind of protection is offered by the University of Helsinki concerning the issue of possible crises or risks and safety of its researchers and their data during fieldwork.


7-9.11.2016        PhD Course “Queer(y)ing Kinship, Family and Sexuality” and public lecture “Families of Choice in Poland” by Prof. Joanna Mizielinska

Very successful Doctoral course “Queer(y)ing Kinship, Family and Sexuality” took place in University of Helsinki 7-8 of November and was finished by open public lecture “Families of Choice in Poland” by Professor Joanna Mizielinska. The course for couple of days united gender studies and queer researchers from Finland, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Portugal and Brasil. Bright presentations on the issue of queering kinship in different countries were commented by the strong group of advanced queer scholars, teachers of the course: Ulrika Dahl, Associate Professor of Gender Studies at Uppsala University; Joanna Mizielinska, Associate Professor at the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Antu Sorainen, Academy Fellow at the Academy of Finland, Docent in Gender Studies at the University of Helsinki.



27.09.2016        Future of Kinship! – The Launch Event of CoreKin Project

Succesful launch of our project attracted a full room to discuss the future of kinship!

We are very grateful to our visitors: Professor Marie-Andrée Jacob (Keele Law School, UK), Dr. Anna-Maria Tapaninen (University of Eastern Finland, Anthropology), CoreKin Board Member Professor of Jurisprudence Panu Minkkinen, University of Helsinki, and the Leader of our Project CoreKin Docent Antu Sorainen (University of Helsinki, Gender Studies)